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    Home » 2016 » February » 22 » Dozens of people die every year to give up their work and do the trading
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    Dozens of people die every year to give up their work and do the trading

    Dozens of people die every year to give up their work and do the trading bet for a living. A choice that is not without risk as just recalled the AMF in a study
    trading there would be a new Eldorado for disaffected people in their job? Each year dozens of employees decide to leave their jobs and try to live trading. "I found a way with which I can earn my living, trading was for me a way out," said Stephane, 46, who stopped his intermittent show business to get started in trading for account own in 2013. others like Linda followed the same path. This esthetician 30 years, passionate Stock Exchange, has chosen to leave his job and start over making "Futures" - futures contracts for trading, buying or selling assets in the future - and options market its new daily. "Trading has given me independence that I had not, that's a choice I do not regret," she presses
    However, to get into the proprietary trading with little or no experience in financial markets, is not accessible to everyone. "Many people who engage in it do not have the necessary skills, says Jean-Louis Cussac, founder Percival Finance offers trading that particular formations. To trade, you have the basics. The stock market is not not as technical, we must have a comprehensive understanding of the markets and be well trained. for example, 95% of people lose a few years playing on derivative particular. "
    "In one day I lost 8,000 euros"

    And for those who are not from the world of finance, beginnings are often painful. "I made every mistake imaginable when I started, said Jean-Louis, former sales manager at Yellow Pages. In one day I lost 8,000 euros. And in these times, the psychological pressure is huge, there are people who explode because when you panic you do anything. so it is very important to follow good advice and do some training. "

    After difficult times, these neo-traders-they manage to generate income? "It took a few years to get there, but now I earn through the stock between 1,500 and 2,000 euros per month for an initial investment of 80,000 euros," replied Linda. Stéphane is almost in the same situation. "I invested 170,000 euros to and I come from a few months to have a small income, he said. But we must also say that our capital is our working tool so we can not really kick it" .

    Many of these proprietary traders also point the finger at the risk of being cheated by the thousands of tempting offers that abound on the internet. "At first I was dealing with a crook and I lost 15,000 euros in history," says Linda. "Many are indeed fooled by bogus training, supported Jean-Louis Cussac. There are too but mostly the problem is that many people who do not succeed in becoming trainers Bourse

    profusion of these websites that offer to make a lot of money in very little time has also just be a study of the Financial Markets Authority (AMF), published on Monday 13 October. According to the AMF, between 2009 and 2012 Scams Forex market - exchange - in France, were 13,224 victims who lost a total of 175 million euros. On these three years of investigation, the AMF also calculated that nine out of ten customers are losers in the Forex market.

    "These scams are on the web but also by calling, explains Nathalie Lemaire, Director for relations with the AMF investors. Leverage up to 400, that is to say that 100 by betting on us dangled we can win € 40,000. They want to lure victims to inadequate profile on the Exchange including the unemployed, retired or housewives. "

    Faced with this "tidal wave of advertising gimmicks", the AMF has legal weapon. It therefore asks the judge closed the most "toxic" sites that offer their services in France without authorization. Despite appearances, the people operating behind these fraudulent sites are, mostly, located abroad in countries that do not cooperate with the French authorities. To counter this "problem that has grown," the stock market watchdog has also launched a digital campaign that directly target those who may be interested in advertising on Forex.
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