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    Home » 2016 » January » 26 » How to take care of her diamond rings
    3:11 PM
    How to take care of her diamond rings

    We received a gift diamond ring adorned? Here is how to maintain them carefully.

    Buy a piece of jewelry is sometimes a major expense, and then you will not go wrong! Of course, one seeks an accessory consistent with our personality, our style.
    Diamond ring

    We check the strength of crimp claws diamond, because it is the most precious jewel is worn and hand portion will be subject to more shocks than others.
    If the offer is thought to take the measure of the finger of a loved unwittingly because this will be very useful to the jeweler. Indeed, some models may be chosen because they are adjusted more curved and pass more easily over the phalanx, while others allow less latitude. A professional jeweler will advise you

    Diamond Bracelet

    We choose the snug at the wrist. Thus, it will not take shock or twist at the slightest movement of the wrist. Moreover, if it is too big, it will be more exposed to abrasion and wear faster.
    We regularly check the strength of the clasp. Some bracelets are equipped with a dual system: a chain or eight security reinforces the main clasp.

    The correct length is usually around half a centimeter longer wrist, add a centimeter wide bracelets.
    The diamond

    To retain all its brilliance to your diamond jewelry, gently clean the stones with a soft toothbrush. After cleaning, dry and polish your jewelry with a chamois or soft cloth.

    Diamond is virtually unalterable. If certain impurities remained encrusted around the diamonds, you can ask your jeweler to move to the ultrasonic tank, which cleans thoroughly.
    To reveal the brilliance of the diamond you can also let stand your two or three minutes jewel in alcohol at 90 °. Then dry with a chamois or soft cloth.

    It is recommended not to put two diamond jewelry on the same finger the only material that lines the diamond: the diamond. Similarly, it is best to place them in boxes separated to avoid contact.

    You now have all the cards in hand to keep the original shine of your diamond jewelry.

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