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    Home » 2016 » March » 31 » The euro to $ 1.20 .. My dream is not impossible
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    The euro to $ 1.20 .. My dream is not impossible
    We can say the right that 2016 was not a good year for the dollar compared to last year, where the disappointing remarks disappointing began in the words of head of the Federal Reserve heaped meeting after another, warning of a global economic slowdown and its impact on the US economy as well as the delayed program to increase interest rates for the year 2016 and reduce it at the same time after he promised in the past that it will raise interest rates four times this year to fall to only twice, but is not certain yet as the next two hundred entered in the process of negotiation
    In contrast, Europe shaking off the dust of severe crisis has affected them for a period of three years and peaked in 2015, dropping the euro to levels not informing them of thirteen years, Draghi began recently in export optimism after he was a source of concern over the past year
    This is not only a reason for optimism about the 1.20 area .. But the euro's performance against the dollar is why we so where he succeeded in forming Bears failed for a full year in breaking it, "1:05" Rock Bottom and also began to form what looks like a pattern reflective of the trend on the map weekly " two bottoms are equal "and cemented semi-handling areas stereotype where it seemed to everyone now where you are stationed bears and bulls, this Alntma performance, which lasted the full 12 months will not be logging long as the normal performance is not money markets attributes .. still water will receive a rock sour cream soon
    Map No. 1 (trading areas)
    Altdaolmnatq trading zones
    Illustrated in this map clearly circulation areas used by speculators during the whole year
    A region
    Threnah par excellence, an area three times the Bears failed to break down and become a key support in the long and medium-term zone upper limit for that area and the bottom section 1.08 1.045
    Area B
    It is trading with balanced performance of bears and bulls, where displays the parties to make any kind of adventure or performance unusual area, we can call it the balance of the area, any breach of this balance means the start of a new phase entirely .. Ahald top of that region 1.1375 and the lower border of the region 1.08
    Zone C
    An area controlled by the bears as yet to be tested more than once, and one where the bulls failed miserably, to penetrate that region means very clearly breaking the upper hand for the bears and penetrate their control areas, which means crawling towards the farthest regions may be the 1:20 is not just a goal to penetrate that region, but will be one of the stations bulls, the upper limit for that area and the bottom section 1.17 1.1375
    Map No. 2 (torque and momentum)
    Momentum and Alzachmalazm and momentum
    This map is the most important weekly put three indicators to measure torque and momentum for the bears and the bulls first Strength Index RSI ratio and secondly momentum index MOMENTUM Finally EMA of the MACD
    First RSI indicator
    This indicator tells us that there is complete control of the bulls, especially after he managed to jump above the moving average the equivalent of the trend, it is known that this indicator precedes price step which means that the bullish trend may be about to start in the real prices
    Also evident detente positive severe deviation in terms of prices in the horizontal direction while the force ratio "Althrenah" are on the rise, a point higher than the bulls to bears
    Second MOMENTUN Index
    If the momentum indicator is no different from a lot predecessor, but gives more signals positive, as this indicator, the referee awarded every last period as "Threnah" which means that the current region may be grouped area or more precisely "bottom" area may underpin the euro by any launch a medium or long-term upwards,
    But this index tells us that the momentum of the bulls on the verge of very important resistance A failure to breach might be all that were traded last year, just a correction in the long term and then resume the decline to new heights
    But the breakthrough that resistance would open the door for the Bulls to accelerated rise may be severe violence
    Third MACD indicator
    Seen through the indicator that there is a positive breakthrough high-strength and, as we know that any defused, whether positive or negative needs to be activated to confirm prices for the breakthrough, which means that any breach of the current resistance will push prices to rise to strong acceleration,
    Also a positive signal again that the private bar Alheistgram current per week very positive in areas where incursions upward trend which may mean that a strong upwards on the verge of explosion
    The third map (penetration areas of price targets)
    Penetration areas Penetration areas
    Some of that map that the pair standing on the first resistance threshold and most importantly in the 1.1375 area which is penetrating would open the strong rise of the price its aim 1:19 zones, but the path to this target Serttm with the most important resistances pair on the long and medium term in the 1.17 area, which represents the neckline of the pattern reflective of the trend "bottoms equals "as is shown in the picture, which means that any breach of the zone 1.17 would be the opening of an upward trend in the long-term main objective will be 1.2750 areas which previous support area for the pair, which tabbed broken landing thundering past, but we will not anticipate events Bnrh very far-term, such as those we will focus First, in the area which is closest to the breach 1.1375, which should be monitored well
    Penetrate 1.1375 scenario remains valid as long as the pair is trading above the current price support area of ​​1.1140, which represents a break down in again trading area which means more landing zones 1.10 and 1.08
    This view of the masters of Mediterranean-term traders
    Wishes for a happy and trading profit and Fair
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