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    Home » 2016 » February » 22 » Your transactions on financial markets, your statement must indicate the
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    Your transactions on financial markets, your statement must indicate the

    If you have made securities transactions on financial markets, for example the sale of stocks, bonds or mutual funds, your statement must indicate.

    To fulfill this requirement, use the information on the statement 18, the statement or transaction, the T5008 (federal leaflet) or any other document that you received from a financial institution or broker securities. However, check the accuracy of the stated information (eg, the proceeds of disposition, the cost or book value or the nominal value). Keep all documents receipts in case we ask to see them. Note that we get a record 18 for each transaction basis.

    To determine the amounts to be entered in your statement, you must establish, for each transaction, whether the result of the disposition or the repurchase represents a gain (or capital loss), income (or loss) business or investment income. If there is a gain (or loss) Capital, you must calculate taking into account the adjusted cost base.

    Include each amount in your tax return (income Tax Return [TP-1]). You must be

    complete Schedule G, if there is a gain (or a capital loss);
    complete Schedule L, if it is income (or loss) of enterprise;
    enter the amount on line 130 of the statement, it is investment income.

    Corporation, trust or partnership

    In the case of a corporation, trust or partnership, you need to register, in his statement (Income Tax companies [CO-17] Income Tax Trusts [TP-646] or information return partnerships [TP-600]), the amount of gain (or capital loss), the amount of income (or loss) company or the amount of investment income, by case.

    If you have already submitted your return and wish to change it, complete the Application for recovery of a tax return (TP-1.R). In the case of a company or trust, complete Adjustment Request form of a tax return or tax return information (CO-17.R) or Adjustment Request Form ' a statement of income trusts (TP-646.R). In the case of a partnership, generate new information return (TP-600 form).

    If you have failed to report securities transactions in the past, you can consult our voluntary disclosure policy, which allows you to regularize your tax situation.

    We inform you that we apply tax control measures related to securities transactions. The above information is intended to help you meet your tax obligations. For more information on how to report securities transactions, see the Tax Guide (TP-1.G), for individuals, or guide Gains and Capital Losses (IN-120).

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