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    Home » 2016 » March » 31 » The collapse of the price of oil at $ 50 through Ricochet point at 27 through to the last goal
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    The collapse of the price of oil at $ 50 through Ricochet point at 27 through to the last goal
    The grace of God all past studies on the goals of Brent oil was achieved starting from its collapse of the $ 50 Ricochet passing through the point at 27 through to the last goal of the study at 40.20.
    Now, with God's help complete the technical reading of the movement of oil after taken to the path of the semi both sides during the last period and closed at 40.44
    All technical indicators show that knowing God is preparing to move the oil price dramatically in the near future, would be at least the beginning of the $ 5
    And limited to between 35 and 45 dollars to take 40.2 focal point .. whichever was first penetrated succession will go down to 8 points, and clarify See the following chart:
    After achieving the goal of landing at $ 27, we pointed out in the past to study rebound targeting 32-37 - 40.2, respectively.
    But is the wave of Ricochet ended and we expect a corrective decline now?
    Theoretically .. we find that the value of the amplitude = 40 which is the distance between the top and bottom of the curve sinus
    To calculate the geometric wave Ricochet Bakimitan at 33.3% and 67% of the amplitude, we find the following:
    27 33.3% of 40 = 40.33 and this goal has been the alarm on it has been achieved.
    +27 67% of 40 = 53.8 and will not be reaching for this goal, but strong price action (gaps emerging in a row).
    But he based the goal remains to be achieved, provided, a breakthrough 45 a real breakthrough, and closing higher.
    So the password for the current period and to continue to climb is 45! .. But why $ 45 in particular?
    If you want to know why Hdensea, P likewise will be 27 Bottom + 67% objective to be out of the wave function = 45
    If you want to analyze the classic find the 200-day average at 44.9
    If I wanted Fibonacci ratios will be at 44.22 and represent 61.80% Fibonacci, or, for the gold will be 1.618 × 27 = 43.86 .. So all the data flowing into a narrow channel extending between 44 and 45 by a margin of less than 2% error.
    So we repeat again .. a real breakthrough for driving 45 to 53, God willing, a succession of 8 points in the sense ..
    It will not hide a secret, that such a thing is not easy to happen and regions such power to require the weaker conditions gaps price to penetrate.
    But to stop here for a moment, but here you see that we are ignoring the time factor? (Excluding traffic averages)
    In the sense that all the above analysis speaks for fixed points and not changeable, like axioms indisputable!
    So it has to be subjected to a technical analysis of the theories of time .. and the best angles and digital tendons.
    On the chart, we find the movement points to Brent since the rebound from the recent bottom at $ 27 .. Trapped between 5 Uttar Digital
    A zero level (tendon white) you will see clearly that penetrate the gut to be the highest price area emerging positive
    And break down the gut is also an emerging area but it is a negative, not positive.
    But why be negative although they are rising? The answer is because we are trading near the support of the channel, which will be targeted Peixrha
    The wavelength of a channel Maisawi almost 6 points ..
    So support this system stringed = 37.5, and breaking it would lead to 35 and break the $ 35 .. vertically lead to 31.6
    Thus Twalak .. we will enter in the negative arithmetic progression we are in the most rich by
    If you want to know the goals will be as follows: 37.5> 35> 31.5> 27> 2218>
    This is what we mean when we say a price move sexy .. Each number is broken will lead to the one who Elelh directly.
    We do not want to enter into the realm of interest and geopolitical factors raise ..
    Talking here only artistically .. Put your mind these points 35.45 whichever been overcome by the Post or +8 - 8.
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