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    Home » 2016 » December » 20 » The U.S. dollar rises near the highest level in 14 years.
    6:14 PM
    The U.S. dollar rises near the highest level in 14 years.
    Us dollar could rise in the European market on Tuesday against a basket of currencies, continuing its gains for the second consecutive day, closing in from the highest level in 14 years and last week's, this comes with continued purchases of the U.S. currency against most currencies, especially low-yielding currencies euro, Japanese yen.

    The dollar index is trading at 11:55 GMT around 103.37 points from the opening level of 103.07 points and record the highest and the lowest point 103.40 102.96 points.

    Yesterday's trading index finished higher by 0.3%, called the gains stopped Friday by correction and profit, record pointer on Thursday the highest level in 14 years at 103.56 points.

    Over the past week benchmark rose by 1.2 percent, the second straight weekly gain, with the U.S. currency purchases, accelerated after the Fed's decision "us" on Wednesday raised interest rates a quarter percentage point to 0.75% for the first time in a year, and pointed to raise rates three times by 2017.

    Sterling slipped for the second straight day against the US dollar, the lowest level in four weeks, to $1.2333, by different orientations of monetary policy between Britain and the United States, with the British Central followers expansionary policies to stimulate the economy and a boost to recovery and growth, in Exchange for us Central tightening monetary policy and raise interest rates, stressing his confidence in the growth of the largest economy in the world.
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