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    Euro-Asian market retreated on Tuesday against a basket of currencies, continuing his losses for the second straight day against the US dollar is close from the lowest level in 14 years, with continued concerns about deepening monetary policy difference between Europe and the United States, especially after raising us interest rates a quarter percentage point, and the dollar index climbed near the highest level in 14 years, continuing its gains for the second consecutive day, with continued buying the U.S. currency against most currencies, especially low-yielding currencies.

    The euro was 0.5 percent rate yesterday against the US dollar, resuming his losses that stopped temporarily Friday within bre ... Read more »
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    Us dollar could rise in the European market on Tuesday against a basket of currencies, continuing its gains for the second consecutive day, closing in from the highest level in 14 years and last week's, this comes with continued purchases of the U.S. currency against most currencies, especially low-yielding currencies euro, Japanese yen.

    The dollar index is trading at 11:55 GMT around 103.37 points from the opening level of 103.07 points and record the highest and the lowest point 103.40 102.96 points.

    Yesterday's trading index finished higher by 0.3%, called the gains stopped Friday by correction and profit, record ... Read more »
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    Gold prices rose Monday to communicate European market gains for the second consecutive day, ECHO operations from its lowest level in ten months, plus the US dollar slid against a basket of currencies.

    Gold rose by 10:15 GMT $1138.46 per ounce level of opening level of $1133.68, the highest level of $1142.19, $1133.57 lower.

    Gold prices ended Friday's trading higher by 0.5 percent, the first gain in four days, by ECHO operations from its lowest level in 10 months 1122.67 per ounce recorded in the previous day.

    Over the last week lost 2.3 percen ... Read more »
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    Crude oil prices high during trading Tuesday amid improved expectations about the supply of crude oil in the market after the application of reductions in production levels by OPEC countries and non-producer members.

    Trading crude oil futures currently us $52.96 a barrel level after scoring the highest at 53.19 dollars a barrel, while today's session was opened at $52.10 a barrel it was lowest at $52.10 a barrel.

    Crude oil prices recovered during the day trades comes amid improved expectations about the future supply of crude on world markets after the Organization of petroleum exporting countries OPEC to cut crude output by 1.2 million barrels a day ... Read more »
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    Data from the American Petroleum Institute on Tuesday showed a decline in crude stocks in the United States more than five million barrels last week, twice analysts' expectations, while gasoline stocks increased and decreased distillate stocks.

    Crude stocks fell 5.1 million barrels in the week ending on May 20 to 536.8 million, while it was expected to fall 2.5 million barrels. The Petroleum Institute said crude inventories at the delivery point of Cushing, Oklahoma fell 189 thousand barrels.

    Gasoline inventories rose 3.6 million barrels, while analysts forecast in a Reuters poll to fall 1.1 million barrels.

    The Petroleum Institute figures showed a decline in stocks of distillates, which diesel and heating oil, including 2.9 million barrels, compared with expectations that the drop of 1.1 million barrels.

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    The Euro was lower against the US Dollar on Tuesday.

    EUR / USD was trading at 1.1139, down 0.73% at time of writing.

    The pair was likely to find support at 1.1133, today's low, and resistance at 1.1243, Monday's high.

    At the same time, the euro was down against the British Pound and the Japanese Yen, with EUR / GBP shedding 1.74% to hit 0.7612 and EUR / JPY falling 0.03% to hit 122.53.

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    The pound rose against the dollar and the euro during Tuesday's trading after a new poll shows that the campaign to vote for the survival of Britain in the European Union has excelled sick campaign that vote to leave in one month stay on the date of the referendum.

    GBP / USD has risen by 0.79% to hit 1.4599, rebounding from the lowest level of $ 1.4441 on Monday.

    It showed the latest poll published by the Telegraph newspaper on Tuesday that the vote campaign to stay has surpassed 13 points on a "campaign of departure.

    The total support for staying in the EU 55%, while the support to get out ratio of 42%.

    And on Monday, British Prime Minister David Cameron said that Britain out of the EU would be tantamount to self-destruction of the economy, where he will report to the ministry warns of a recession, warned in a sharp drop ... Read more »

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    The dollar continued to rise broadly against major currencies during Tuesday's trading, with continued expectations for higher interest rate for the month of June to the Federal Reserve, which boosted demand for the dollar, as investors awaited the release of US reports on new home sales during the later in the day.

    It has USD / JPY up 0.46% to 109.74.

    The yen fell after Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso said on Tuesday he must be very careful in discussing interest rates in particular.
    The comments came after earlier reports that it would be good if the dollar-yen pair settled around 109 yen.

    And continued demand for the dollar supported by comments Fed officials which indicated that interest rates may rise in the coming months.

    The head of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis James Bullard on Monday that more factors ... Read more »

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    He was quoted by the Russian news agency "Interfax" a diplomatic source in Doha as saying that Russia and Saudi Arabia have reached a consensus on the stabilization of oil production and producers ahead of a meeting to be held in the Qatari capital on April 17.

    She declined to Russian Energy Ministry to comment.

    The source told Interfax that the final decision to Saudi Arabia on the stabilization of oil production would depend on Iran's position on oil production.

    Having stated this consensus, touched the Brent crude price levels of $ 44 a barrel, up about 2.5%, and US crude jumped nearly 2% to Mstyawat to $ 41.36 a barrel

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    Chairman of the Board of Directors of Saudi Aramco, Khalid al-Falih said that his country is still willing to work with other producers to adjust the crude market.

    He said al-Faleh, speaking at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos that he believed that oil prices have fallen too much and it will begin to recover.

    ... Read more »

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    From 03/04/2016 eToro will be increasing its minimum first deposit level to $200. The changes will apply across the Arabic speaking regions. See below for a full list of countries.In regions where we have already raised the deposit level we saw an increase in the life time value of traders and a corresponding rise in affiliate commissions. This is a good opportunity to earn higher revenues as the value of your traders increases. List of affected countries Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Palestinian Territory, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen. (all further re-deposits remain the same). This changing of the minimum deposit amount will be rolled out to more markets gradually. Please update you ... Read more »

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    The freeze on production in the Doha agreement February 16 is a tactic to influence crude Alinvtalnaft prices temporarily without changing the fundamentals of the market and the givens that began interact very effectively before the announcement of the freeze towards price stability and neutralize the producers who are unable to continue in the medium term to higher costs over the settlement points.
    Thus jumped West Texas rate of 6% and Brent oil 7% on 17 February and was very limited effect, where prices have stabilized in the next day and then declined and continued in a volatile state, and when it was announced in the March 7 for the next meeting on April 17, jumped prices again 6% and 4% of West Texas and Brent respectively, and then jumped again when he said some OPEC countries wish to join the freeze production.
    There is no doubt that oil prices ... Read more »
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    The grace of God all past studies on the goals of Brent oil was achieved starting from its collapse of the $ 50 Ricochet passing through the point at 27 through to the last goal of the study at 40.20.
    Now, with God's help complete the technical reading of the movement of oil after taken to the path of the semi both sides during the last period and closed at 40.44
    All technical indicators show that knowing God is preparing to move the oil price dramatically in the near future, would be at least the beginning of the $ 5
    And limited to between 35 and 45 dollars to take 40.2 focal point .. whichever was first penetrated succession will go down to 8 points, and clarify See the following chart:
    After achieving the goal of landing at $ 27 ... Read more »
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    We can say the right that 2016 was not a good year for the dollar compared to last year, where the disappointing remarks disappointing began in the words of head of the Federal Reserve heaped meeting after another, warning of a global economic slowdown and its impact on the US economy as well as the delayed program to increase interest rates for the year 2016 and reduce it at the same time after he promised in the past that it will raise interest rates four times this year to fall to only twice, but is not certain yet as the next two hundred entered in the process of negotiation
    In contrast, Europe shaking off the dust of severe crisis has affected them for a period of three years and peaked in 2015, dropping the euro to levels not informing them of thirteen years, Draghi began recently in export optimism after h ... Read more »
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    An exciting market with tremendous potential to make money, Forex trading is extremely popular all over the world. You can make money trading foreign currencies, even if you do not have Wall Street experience. You can access forex trading and earn money through online brokers anywhere in the world as long as you have an Internet connection. However, it is important to know what restrictions are placed (if any) on foreign currency trading in the country. This article will explore the forex in Nigeria and provide a short guide to what Nigerians should consider when choosing a Forex broker systems.
    Unlike some other states, the Forex industry in Nigeria and not to over-regulate. And it enjoys a free market economy environment really. According to the Central Bank of Nigeria, and everyone can participate in forex trading as long as is trading through a bank or b ... Read more »
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    A recent study revealed that the prices of imported goods in the Saudi market does not respond to the change in the exchange rate of the riyal, despite currencies decline the most important trading partners of the Kingdom in front of the Saudi riyal by about 4.8%, according to the newspaper "City" on Monday (March 7 / March 2016).

    ... Read more »

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    If you have made securities transactions on financial markets, for example the sale of stocks, bonds or mutual funds, your statement must indicate.

    To fulfill this requirement, use the information on the statement 18, the statement or transaction, the T5008 (federal leaflet) or any other document that you received from a financial institution or broker ... Read more »

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    Dozens of people die every year to give up their work and do the trading bet for a living. A choice that is not without risk as just recalled the AMF in a study
    trading there would be a new Eldorado for disaffected people in their job? Each year dozens of employees decide to leave their jobs and try to live trading. "I found a way with which I can earn my living, trading was for me a way out," said Stephane, 46, who stopped his intermittent show business to get started in trading for account own in 2013. others like Linda followed the same path. This esthetician 30 years, passionate Stock Exchange, has chosen to leave his job and start over making "Futures" - futures contracts for trading, buying or selling assets in the future - and options market its new daily ... Read more »

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    Life insurance is a particularly suitable investment for the establishment and enhancement of heritage. Indeed, its characteristics can help meet financial goals, but also family and inheritance.
    Life insurance is a long term investment that could help reconcile diversification of savings and special tax framework.
    La Banque Postale offers a range of life insurance contracts designed to make you fully benefit from life insurance specificities and support you in the long term.

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    Real Estate Investment
    Are you thinking of investing in real estate, but are unsure of the type of property which is supposed to invest in it? Well, I do not think too much, where we'll show the difference between the two types of the most popular types of real estate to help you in your decision.
    Onoaalakarat: -
    1-Commercial Real Estate.
    2-residential properties.
    Y ... Read more »

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